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Michael K

Hi Len, 

"Just a quick note of thanks for taking the time to meet with my clients ..... today. You're a valuable resource, and a great person to know both professionally and personally. I feel good about today's meeting and have my fingers crossed the underwriters are lenient....*s, "   Michael K. 



Glad I was able to help them.  They said that they have looked at Long Term Care Planning for several times.  Never saw value in it till today.  None of the other agents explained how and where it fit into their overall plan that you helped them put in place.  Their policy design helps to address their need of protect assets and resources for the surviving spouse/family.  Not to mentions being a burden. We looked at all the their choices.  Then choose the best policy design, and carrier to meet their underwriting concerns.  I also feel good about what we did for them and their family today.     - Lenny  

Jessica Connolly

Len is truly a gem. There is no one I would trust more with the important task of helping me plan for the future.He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects pertaining to his field and goes the extra mile for his clients. His focus is on getting the best for his clients, and he always takes the time to give very clear explanations of the available products and their uses. I cannot recommend him highly enough. For anyone who feels that Long-Term Care Insurance is beyond their reach, I would recommend talking to Len before giving up hope!

Susan Ulino and Jeff Lorello

Len came to our house and was very friendly and knowledgeable. We already had a long term policy but had questions. He gave us excellent information that we needed to make the right decision for us. There was no hard sell or pressure of any kind and he recommended that we keep the policy we have. I would recommend him as a Long Term Care Insurance Specialist without hesitation.

Joanne Marriott

We were pleased with our meeting with Mr. Wik on several counts: first, he was knowledgeable and thorough in examining our current policy. Second, his demeanor was very low-key; there was absolutely no pressure to purchase something. And finally, he was very honest in his evaluation of our insurance. If you are seeking to learn more about long term care insurance, a meeting with Mr. Wik will be comfortable and worthwhile. Joanne Marriott

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